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Author of the month

Ezra Jack Keats



Ezra Jack Keats was born on March 11, 1969 in Brooklyn, NY.   He loved to draw and paint as a child.  After his father died suddenly, he got a job painting murals to support his family.  He joined the army in 1943 where he designed camouflage patterns for equipment and uniforms.  After the war Ezra traveled to France to study painting.  When he returned to the USA he became a commercial artist illustrating magazine and book covers.  In 1963, his book "The Snowy Day" won the Caldecott Medal.  Most of his books included Peter and his friends and their lives in the city.  Ezra Jack Keats passed away in 1983.  There is still a statue of Peter and Willie in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. 

  • The Snowy Day

  • Whistle for Willie

  • Goggles

  • The Trip

  • Clementina's Cactus

  • Maggie and The Pirate

  • Jennies Hat

  • A Letter to Amy



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science PROJECTS

color symphony

medium sized bowl
food coloring
milk (whole or 2%)
liquid soap for washing dishes




1. Pour milk into bowl

2. Add about 6-8 drops of different food coloring into the milk in different spots.

3. Add a drop of liquid soap to the center of the bowl.

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special dates

January 2022:
3rd----------School begins
21st----------NO SCHOOL  Martin Luther King Day
23rd---------Bear Hunt ( ALL students invited)
30th---------Teddy Bear Picnic (ALL students invited)

February 2022:

11th-------------Move Up Day!!

13th-------------Class Valentine Party

14th------------Movie and popcorn playdate

18-22nd-------NO SCHOOL  Winter Break

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