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Two decades of research of the benefits of second language acquisition gives an impressive rationale for world language instruction in terms of the cognitive benefits, academic achievement, and development of positive attitudes toward cultural diversity. In addition, New Jersey’s multicultural and multi-ethnic community and its growing economy demand increased contact and face-to-face interaction with members of other cultures both in New Jersey and around the world.

This framework affirms the belief that all New Jersey students should be given the opportunity to study at least one world language other than English. The rationale provided below summarizes the necessity and importance of providing this opportunity for New Jersey’s children. 




At the elementary level, world language instruction can reinforce or enhance every subject taught in the mandated curriculum: visual and performing arts, comprehensive health and physical education, language arts literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. The content and activities derived from these subjects are appropriate to the cognitive, affective, and linguistic needs of students and are consistent with the outcomes stated in the cumulative progress indicators across the seven content areas.

​Spanish Class Curriculum

Spanish classes at Young World Day School will prepare the young age students to learn basic concepts and expressions that will be useful to interact, socialize and apply in real life. The Approach is intuitive and  the lessons are structured in sections that includes audio, visual, and kinetic learning experiences, in a caring and inviting environment.
Students will be learning vocabulary, indirect & direct grammar and culture.
The concepts will be reviewed as they advance to a higher level and build on them as they learn new concepts.

For example, food vocabulary and how to ask and express likes and dislikes,  will be practiced in a field trip to a local Spanish restaurant (upper level classes). In addition, the students are continuing to learn the Spanish alphabet, letters, vocabulary words that begin with those letters, and colors.  Culturally, a Spanish speaking country will be studied every month. Lessons will enhance the dynamic of the class or the current theme the main classroom teacher is following.  



Classes are held
every Thursday

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