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welcome to PREk-1

There is quite a bit of energy in our 4 year old pre-kindergarten
classroom.  Children as well as teachers are involved in exciting 
and interesting academic experiences.  Handwriting Without Tears is a new program being incorporated into our language arts and math curriculumn.  It will enable our students to practice writing as well as vocabulary and math skills.

   Some of our favorite activities include discovering new authors, participating in science experiments and learning through art.  Every month our class is introduced to a new author.  We have enjoyed the literary works of Jan Brett, Leo Lionni, Ezra Jack Keats, Lois Ehlert , Dr Seuss and many more.  We take pleasure in reading their exciting and informative books and discovering the creative illustrations that accompany each story.  We ourselves create books of our own.  We become acclaimed authors and illustrators in our own right.
   Science is another important part of our curriculum.  Making frost, measuring rain, learning about biomes and constructing individual volcanoes are just a few of the stimulating activities included in our classroom.  These experiments build vocabulary, question asking skills and general communication proficiency.  Every January our class studies the habitat and lifestyle of bears.  We conclude with a very enthusiastic and somewhat scary bear hunt around the school.

   Art is another significant ingredient in our class.  Texture, color and method are essential parts to our creativity.  Paint brushes are not the typical instruments employed in our masterpieces.  We utilize feathers, kitchen utensils, sea sponges, balloons, fabric and much more.  Fine motor skills are constantly being developed by tearing, pinching, squeezing and pressing.  A child's endless imagination is the keystone to discovery.

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