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all about Prek-2

outside time

We try and go outside whenever the weather permits! The class loves running around on the playground! They enjoy strengthening their bodies by climbing all the way up to the slide and back down again! They have a great time learning how to use the swings! On our lower field, the class enjoys using the monkey bars and running around in the open field!


We love learning about the Alphabet in the 3s! Our goal is for the children to become familiar with the letters. We don't expect the children to know all the letters; we just want them to become excited about learning! We use a variety of ways to learn about letters and have lots of toys to help us have fun while learning.  We work on an art project that pertains to the letter of the week. At the end of the year we make it into a book for your child to bring home! We also like to cook something once a week that goes along with the letter as well. 


The class loves playing with blocks! Block play helps the children classify and learn about shapes, see how the shape sizes relate to one another, promotes teamwork, and sparks their imagination! Adding beanie babies to their block play has created zoos! 


Art is a vital component to PreK-2. Art allows the children to express their ideas, discover their creativity, strengthen fine and gross motor skills, explore colors, discover spatial awareness, and so much more. We incorporate the alphabet into our artwork every week which makes learning fun! The children are very proud of their artwork and we love to display their pieces in the classroom!

Cooking is another important part of our classroom. Cooking Fridays are days we can't wait for! Cooking and baking with the children allows them to explore their senses by offering them a hands on experience they can taste! We like to incorporate the ABC's by making something for the letter of the week. Something else fun we love to make in PreK-2 is playdoh! The children get to play with something they took time and effort to make!


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Every day the children are assigned different jobs. This helps teach responsibility as well as accountability! They love coming in each morning to see which job they will have that day! 

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